Swift Valinhos Store Brazil

Swift Valinhos Store Brazil relies on sustainable cooling systems from AHT

After a test run at Swift Valinhos store, the parent company JBS decided to change all 28 refrigerators and freezers operated with R404a for environmentally friendly, plug-in devices with propane (R290) refrigerant from AHT.

The project was rolled out to 36 stores across Brazil in 2021. AHT installed KINLEY XL and PARIS cabinets, as well as DAIKIN VRV air conditioning systems in seven stores. With AHT project management, all refrigeration and air conditioning systems could be provided from a single source, contributing significantly to greater energy efficiency.

The AHT cabinets were selected because of the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the refrigerant R290 which has a 100 year value of only 0,02*. By using propane, the AHT devices offer global best-in-class GWP. Thanks to AHT‘s full plug-in technology, no additional pipes or drainage had to be installed.

Committed to zeroing its greenhouse emissions by 2040, JBS Swift is equipping all Swift stores with new devices that use refrigerants with low GWP.

With the seven new air conditioning system from DAIKIN, the GWP and TEWI could be massively reduced and high energy savings achieved.

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Exchange existing R404a-operated devices at around 36 locations for Propan-operated AHT devices. JBS plans to open additional 260 stores in 2021 using the AHT solution. Installation and replacement of seven existing air conditioning units by DAIKIN VRV systems.

After seven years of operation, JBS Swift has decided to implement greener and more energy efficient refrigeration system in its Swift Valinhos stores.


The TEWI expresses the impact of a refrigeration system by combining its direct and indirect effect on global warming. It includes the greenhouse effect generated by the refrigerant gas, but also the CO2 emitted to generat the amount of electricity consumed by the system over its lifetime. The comparison below shows the improvement through the new AHT refrigeration and freezer units as well as the new DAIKIN air conditioning

The new installation saves more than 435  tons of CO2 per store in 10 years.

AHT has been successfully supplying JBS Swift in Brazil, Mexico and the USA with energy-efficient and green refrigeration systems since 2015. The project was carried out by AHT Brazil and the AHT headquarters in Rottenmann, Austria.