Always on the safe side

Always on the safe side

The unique active monitoring system (AMS) detects problems before they occur. As a result, we are step ahead of the competitors when it comes to service and maintenance. In addition, the AMS is the crucial add-on to all AHT products.

The AHT Active
Monitoring System

Thanks to the AMS, store management and monitoring are much easier for the customers. Due to the AMS, response times are reduced, reaction journeys are optimized and thus service assignments are more efficient and effective. In addition, important indicators are collected for evaluation and analysis.

With the innovative Active Monitoring System, monitoring and process optimization takes place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, even outside the opening hours of our customers.

Therefore, malfunctions in AHT refrigerators and deep-freezers are detected and analyzed immediately. Ideally, the malfunction is rectified directly by remote maintenance. If this is not possible, the service team will contact our customers for an on-site appointment immediately. Due to the meaningful data quality, damage to the device and the goods can be minimized or even avoided.

The AMS not only offers the ability to manage AHT devices, but it is also possible to manage the inventory of third-party devices. Customers can expect reporting that is precisely tailored to their needs.

With the DS Connectivity Solution Box, the AMS is quick and easy to install and ready for immediate use. As already mentioned, our monitoring solution is also compatible with third-party devices. It can also be used for other systems such as air conditioning and ventilation systems.